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How to use wheat germ oil for scars

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How to Use Wheat Germ Oil, Wheat Germ Oil Scars

Treat minor burns and reduce scarring. Prick a wheat germ capsule. Smoothly rub oil directly onto the burn or irritated skin. Wheat germ oil is high in antioxidants and possesses regenerative properties. The oil is highly useful in treating dry, cracked, and aging skin. Apply liquid oil moderately to skin to improve blood circulation. Due to its vitamin and antioxidant content, it moisturizes and protects after exposure to the effects of UV rays.
Wheat Germ Oil Scars
Repair torn and ragged cuticles with wheat germ oil. Rub up to ¼ teaspoon onto nails and cuticles before bed each night. It is also available in prepackaged creams and moisturizers.